Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Detroit Free Press February 11, 2009

How Dangerous Are Our Criminals?

Many people saw the press release from the NMU Bounty Hunters earlier today, but do you know the whole story? Next we will take a closer look at the story from a different point of view, from the person who actually committed the crimes.

After Jason Troublemaker had been captured our news program had the privilege to be able to speak to him personally and found that there was much more behind the criminal behavior than one might have believed.

Jason apparently has a son suffering from medical issues and treatment and care have been expensive. Jason replied earlier when asked why he had done all these curious behaviors, what the motive was behind everything. He replied:

“We are short on money being from the middle class, but we love our son more than anything else in the world. When we looked at our options on how to help him, being as due to the seriousness of his condition our insurance would no longer cover us, we were not left with much choice. We sold off everything we had including our car t help follow the laws and do what we could to provide for our son. However that was not enough. I was left with no other option available but to find money as quickly as possible. That led to the robbery attempt and then the actual robbery of the gas station. While doing this, we felt bad about the lengths we had to go to and fell to using drugs to cope with our guilt. Afterwards our son had a physical lapse and we needed to get to the hospital quickly, I wasn’t thinking but saw our neighbor’s car in his parking spot and quickly hopped the privacy fence and hotwired it on. I drove through the fence and then put my son in the passenger seat and drove as quickly as I could to the nearest hospital and in my rush accidently hit an ambulance, which caused damage to both cars; the one I stole and the ambulance that I hit. After I managed to get my son help, the police showed up and handcuffed me. I know what I did was wrong, but I could see no other options and did what I thought was the best for my family, but I would like to publically apologize to any and everyone whom I caused any damage or grief to.”

This is quite the heartwarming tale. Jason is not quite the criminal that we were led to believe and if we look closely at his story we can see where it makes some sense.

Earlier this month the neighbors witnessed Jason selling their only car and could not figure out why. Jason also has had no previous criminal record, except for the past month when his son’s health started to wane critically. While petty crooks try stealing from gas stations and country clubs that are left unobserved, most do not attempt to steal a teal Ford Taurus, which are quite common and not usually sought after.

This concludes our behind the scenes peek at the true story and reasons for our caring criminal Jason Troublemaker. Thank you and goodnight, next we look at possible reasons for peanut butter that is causing health problems.

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  1. 1. this news article does a very good job at presenting all the facts of the situation with the fugitive. In the press release it seems that the criminal is a danger to society but when presented objectively in the article it seems that he's not such a bad guy after all.
    2. The blogs appearance is good but i think since it's a law enforcement agency there should be more dates and times included.
    Joe Bailo