Thursday, February 26, 2009

Instructions-- Alex Sackmann

Field Stripping of an M16 A2 Assault Rifle
Alex Sackmann
Due to the need of handling the m16 A2 assault rifle, all members of the NMU Bounty Hunters team must possess the knowledge to field strip the rifle in order to clean or replace parts in the field.
Warning: Gun powder residue may contain lead. Lead is a toxic substance that may cause cancer or other diseases. Field strip only in a well ventilated area and wash hands after handling. Firearms are dangerous and should only be handled by adults. Make sure the rifle is clear of ammunition before stripping and always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
1. First remove the magazine from the rifle. Push in the button on the right side of the rifle, just above and to the right of the trigger.

3. Pull back the charging handle to make sure the rifle is unloaded. Check the chamber.
4. Charging Handle

5. Push out the take down pin and the receiver pivot pin. The will separate the upper receiver from the lower receiver.

7. Pull back the charging handle (lower left picture), and remove the bolt carrier assembly (see picture 13).

9. Pull the charging handle back then down to remove it also.

10. On the bolt carrier assembly, remove the safety pin and the firing pin.
11. <>

12. Push in on the bolt assembly so it goes into a locked position.
13. Bolt Carrier Assembly>>
14. Give the bolt cam pin a quarter turn. This will allow you to pull it out.
15. bolt cam pin.

16. Once the bolt cam pin is out, you can now remove the bolt assembly.
17. Bolt Assembly

18. Once this is completed, the upper receiver is field stripped.

19. Now go back to the lower receiver.

21. Push down the retainer lever near the butt stock and spring.

23. Once this is pushed down, the spring will pop out.

24. Remove the buffer from the spring.
25. Buffer>>> spring

26. Field stripping of the lower receiver is now complete.

Refer to US Army Field Manuel 23-9 for further assistance

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