Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zach Pierson's Newsletter


Jose Sanchez
5’9’’ 185 pounds

On Monday February 23rd at 3:14 a.m. The NMU Bounty Hunters Team approached a suspected drug house located on Presque Isle Avenue. Our objective was to enter through the front and back door at the same time creating no exit for our target, Jose Sanchez. When the signal was given to enter the house we immediately knew something was wrong. As team one entered through the back door they were instantly confused by the layout of the house. The house had been recently remodeled and the blue prints we received were not up to date. Not knowing which way to go, team one entered the house and made their way to the living room which in the old blue print would have been the bedroom. Team two mad the same mistake which also brought them to the living room. This mistake by our team allowed Sanchez, who was woken by our team opening every door in the house, to slip out the back door right behind our team. A foot chase then ensued through the neighborhoods near Presque Isle Avenue. He was chased for over a mile when he finally escaped after jumping a few fences near Longyear Avenue.
Sanchez is wanted on multiple crimes. On the 10th of January he held a cashier at the St.Ignace Holiday gas station at gun point while he robbed the register. Later that month, on the 22nd he broke into a Munising home, held a family at gun point and proceeded to steal over $10,000 worth of electronics. His most recent crime has involved selling drugs all around the Marquette area. This criminal must be stopped immediately. He is to be considered armed and dangerous. If you are to come in contact with this man do NOT attempt to approach him. Immediately call the NMU Bounty Hunters or police and we will be there within minutes to put this dangerous criminal in custody.
We hope that his letter has in no way shaken your confidence in the NMU Bounty Hunters ability to protect and serve the city of Marquette. We have no doubts that we will find Jose Sanchez in the near future and he will be brought to justice. If you have any information about this case please call or email our office.

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