Tuesday, March 10, 2009

News Letter -mike weidel

NMU Bounty Hunters Association
This is a friendly reminder that the NMU Bounty Hunters are here to make your neighborhoods a safer place. We go through the cities and find criminals that have been eluding the police forces in each particular area. By accomplishing our job and finding our targets, we make sure that the law is followed through and that the people who were wronged can be at peace in the knowledge that the criminals in question receive their just punishment.
However, the people in these neighborhoods can also be a great boon to us. There is no question that when everyone in their homes are looking out for each other and keeping an eye out for suspicious behavior that crime and the opportunity to commit a crime diminish. Also when good citizens do the right thing by calling enforcement agencies when their assistance is needed, they not only help the person in question, but the agency by supporting in their ability to do their job more efficiently. As such we as bounty hunters rely heavily on feedback from honest citizens to drop hints or straight out tell us where our best chances of finding those avoiding the law are. The better the cooperation, the quicker we can finish our purpose, and the safer and better off everyone will be in the long run.
For all the help we have received so far from such honest citizens, we owe our gratitude. In light of this, anyone who sees suspicious personnel or has knowledge of the area in which there have been rumors or sightings of people posted as wanted should contact our department as soon as possible. The number to reach our department is 906-227-1029. Remember, while we appreciate the contact information from our callers, so that we may contact you back if we require information or clarification, anonymous calls are always welcomed. I should also inform you good people that any person we receive information from is always withheld and protected. Another avenue to reach our headquarters is by E-Mail at www.nmubountyhunters.com.
Again on behalf of my company, I wanted to thank everyone who has helped us out in the past and those that will do so in the future. The more help we receive from the public, the more efficient we will be. Remember, your city is your home with loved ones, don’t allow anyone to jeopardize that for any reason.

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